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Group Synergy

Using the merger as a catalyst for improving the synergetic impact of the group as a whole

Since the establishment of both Biru Daiko and Nihon Building Services over half a century ago, each company has made a continuous effort to develop their own unique strengths. Through this merger, our goal is to create a structure through which those strengths can be integrated and group synergy maximized. Our nation-wide network of 13 locations allows for quicker and more efficient response to customer needs than ever before. Alongside this, we aim to strengthen the network, and increase collaboration and sales capacity through the establishment of new offices in both East and West Japan.

In 2015, we welcomed Nitto Custodial Service to the group, making further inter-office synergetic improvement possible.

In addition, we are also harnessing the strengths of group company ATOX, which handles building maintenance at nuclear power plants and other facility, across the group as a whole. By integrating the safety and health management services needed at nuclear power plants and other such facilities into building and facility maintenance, we are able to maintain the highest service standards in the industry and put more effort into improving and evolving those services.