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Kashiwa Training Center [ Personnel Development ]

Cultivation or the specialists who help makebuildings and facilities safe and secure

In order to create framework for managing the continuously evolving functions that buildings and facilities provide, it is absolutely necessary for all employees to undergo regular skills training. That is why GLOBESHIP Corp. regularly overhauls its personnel system – to cultivate the highly specialized personnel required.

Employee education is provided in one of three ways: training stratified by skill level, specialized occupational training, and correspondence education. Stratified training is used to develop on-site operational personnel, of course, but it is also used in training general administration-related management-level personnel at GLOBESHIP Corp. Occupational training is utilized in the development of on-site cleaners, utility maintenance workers and security, and for those personnel who operate our internally-developed management system that supports on-site operations. Finally, correspondence education helps train those personnel involved in more academic pursuits such as law, administration and finance. The Kashiwa Training Center was founded in 2009, and there we provide employees with hands-on training on actual equipment used in buildings and facilities, which enables us to cultivate in our employees more advanced skills and improve operations before they are dispatched to facilities.


Another one of our biggest goals is to make sure our company is a place where our workers are happy, have their own goals, and are motivated to work hard. We push employees to try to advance their own careers by stepping outside their current field, and operate a policy through which employees are relocated every five years. This allows each and every employee to expand and improve their own skills, and gives them the chance to take their careers to the next level. This style of personnel development has helped create a company culture in which every employee is always ready to take on a new challenge.