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The Merits of Being Non-Affiliated & Large-Scale

Providing a highly flexible response by utilizing the largest network of services among non-affiliated companies in the industry

Reducing our use of energy is a challenge shared by the entire world, and in Japan, many companies are implementing facility and real estate management strategies with energy conservation in mind. For companies with multiple locations around the country, it has become necessary to consider the problem not simply building by building, but with a unified management approach. Buildings often do not share the same management company, so with the introduction of new laws regarding energy conservation, there have been cases of companies spending time and money to ensure unified management.

 As a non-affiliated company with 13 operational bases nation-wide, we have the capacity to provide a variety of high-quality, standardized services across the board for customers operating throughout Japan. Our independence allows us to work with a variety of groups and companies in diverse industries and across business groups, building local, cooperative relationships, and respond more flexibly to customer requests. Harnessing this ability, we are able to utilize our nationwide network of services – one of the largest among the non-affiliated companies in the industry – to continue to help our customers improve the value of their properties and assets.