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Our “Site First” principle and what it means

Making work more attractive based in safety and security

Our “Site First” principle means that every employee of GLOBESHIP Corp., from the head office to individual branches, from the sales to management department, is ready at any time to go to sites to handle any necessary business needed. Our employees are familiar with every site we manage, and through close cooperation between the head office, branch locations and on-site teams in performing building and facility maintenance, we are able to keep up with the changing needs of our customers, with the aim of providing detailed operational management.

Since our merger, we have been refining our Site First principle even more. In order to standardize and improve the services we offer, we make thorough use of the PDCA cycle in on-site reports and survey customer needs through questionnaires.

The Kashiwa Training Center enables us to provide the education and training needed to cultivate the specialists in cleaning, utility management, and security who work on site. Moreover, we do not only train employees to execute their work in safe and more secure ways, we help make their jobs more attractive by improving employee manners, helping employees improve how they greet and treat the people with whom they come in contact on site.