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Operational Experience

Office・Multi Complex Building

GLOBESHIP has experience in managing some of Japan’s largest multi-purpose office complexes, in Marunouchi/Otemachi, Shinagawa konan, and other areas.

Marunouchi Park Building/ Mitsubishi Ichigokan

◎address :Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku
◎number of floors : 34F, B4F
◎total floor area(㎡):300,000

Sin-Marunouchi Building

◎address :Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku
◎number of floors :  38F, B4F
◎total floor area(㎡):195,000

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower

◎address :Tokyo, Minato-ku
◎number of floors :  54F, B6F
◎total floor area(㎡):379,410

Tokyo Midtown

◎address :Tokyo, Minato-ku
◎number of floors :  54F, B5F
◎total floor area(㎡):563,800

Meiji Seimei Kan-MYPLAZA

◎address :Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku
◎number of floors :  30F, B4F
◎total floor area(㎡):191,000

Osaka OAP Tower

◎address :Osaka, Osaka-city
◎number of floors :  39F, B3F
◎total floor area(㎡):144,000


GLOBESHIP is moving forward with the introduction of campus facility management at educational institutions and facilities primarily in the metropolitan Tokyo area.

Komazawa University

◎address :Tokyo, Setagaya-ku
◎total floor area(㎡):183,000

Waseda University

◎address :Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku
◎total floor area(㎡):247,500

Seikei University

◎address :Tokyo, Musasino-city
◎total floor area(㎡):131,000

Rikkyo University

◎address :Tokyo, Toshima-ku
◎total floor area(㎡):140,000

Tokyo International University

◎address :Saitama,Kawagoe-city
◎total floor area(㎡):192,200

TOYO UNIVERSITY/high school/junior high school

◎address :Gunma, Ouragun / Ibaragi, Ushiku
◎total floor area(㎡):333,000

Commercial building & Hotel

GLOBESHIP trains service-minded facility management professionals to provide service with top-rate hospitality.


◎address :Tokyo, Sumida-ku
◎number of floors :  31F, B3F
◎total floor area(㎡):229,729

Shibuya Hikarie

◎address :Tokyo, Shibuya-ku
◎number of floors :  34F, B4F
◎total floor area(㎡):144,000


◎address :Tokyo, Minato-ku
◎number of floors :  9F, B1F
◎total floor area(㎡):93,930

The Landmark Tower Yokohama (YOKOHAMA ROYAL PARK TOWER)

◎address :Kanagawa, Yokohama-city
◎number of floors :  70F, B4F
◎total floor area(㎡):393,000


◎address :Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku
◎number of floors :  Main bldg. 17F, B3F,  Tower 31F, B4F 
◎T total floor area(㎡):240,250

Hyatte Regency Tokyo

◎address :Tokyo, Shinjyuku-ku
◎number of floors :  28F, B4F 
◎total floor area(㎡):84,770

Laboratories, Factories, Other Facilities

GLOBESHIP is a one-stop service provider, managing facilities at major corporate research institutes and factories, and also providing contract personnel who support and handle some core functions.

Takeda Phramaceutical : Shonan Research Center

◎address :Kanagawa, Fujisawa-city
◎number of floors :  10F 
◎total floor area(㎡):308,000

P&G : 4 plants

◎address :Gunma, Takasaki&Fujioka / Shiga,Yasu-city / Akashi-Akashi-city,
◎total floor area(㎡):270,000


◎address :Saitama, Wako-city,
◎total floor area(㎡):200,000

Shiseido: Kuki Plant

◎address :Saitama, Kuki-city,
◎number of floors :  5F
◎total floor area(㎡):74,942

Kirin: Plants& Research center s (7 sites)

◎address :Sendai, Yokohama, Toride…etc
◎total floor area(㎡):1,366,690


◎address :Kanagawa, Fujisawa-city,
◎number of floors :  2F, B1F
◎total floor area(㎡):13,800

Data Center

More than 30 data centers under our management