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Solutions: Case Study

As your strategic facility management partner, GLOBESHIP offers you optimized services

GLOBESHIP can be your essential business partner by organizing your work environment through accommodating your requests and supporting your business operations.

Case 1: Outsourcing of non-core business operations

Customer's issue

Customer wants to organize the operations that are not mission-critical to the company.

  • Customer may be taking too much time on non-core operations that accompany mission-critical operations.
  • Customer may be separately contracting for cleaning, security, equipment management, and construction—all the matters related to facility management.
  • Customer may be pressured by the need to check on and audit the outsourced operations.
  • Customer may be trying to communicate the intention for improvement by means of requests.

GLOBESHIP's solution

  1. Solution Point 1
    GLOBESHIP's one-stop solution can significantly reduce the load of non-core operations.
  2. Solution Point 2
    GLOBESHIP places a site manager who facilitates the implementation of one-stop solutions that accurately meet the customer's requirements.
  3. Solution Point 3
    The well-planned personnel development and the head office's quality management based on expertise together make possible the standardization of service level and high-quality proposals.

Case 2: Energy-saving solution

Customer's issue

Customer wants to reduce operating energy costs.

Customer wants to do something about facility management in a way that conforms to the Energy Saving Act.
  • Streamlining energy use
  • Lifecycle of facility

GLOBESHIP's solution

GLOBESHIP's energy solution

Conformity with the Energy Saving Act + Preventive maintenance of facility

  • Energy saving diagnosis
  • Proposal of energy saving action plan
  • Supporting compliance with Energy Saving Act (periodic reports, standard operating procedures, etc.)
  • Inspection for deterioration in facility equipment
  • Proposal of emergency correction equipment support
  • Preparation of LCC plan
  • LCM proposal

* LCC:Life Cycle Cost
  LCM:Life Cycle Management

  • Interview with the customer to identify the customer's requirements
  • Thorough safety management and compliance with rules
  • Task-specific interim reporting
  • Submission of reports

GLOBESHIP provides medium-to-long term management and promises an optimization of measures for safety and security, the reduction of environmental burden, and cost reduction.

  1. Solution Point 1
    Visualization of energy
  2. Solution Point 2
    Action plan-driven cost reduction
  3. Solution Point 3
    Planned compliance with the Energy Saving Act
  4. Solution Point 4
    Inspection for deterioration in facility equipment
  5. Solution Point 5
    Standardization of facility budget
  6. Solution Point 6
    Visualization of long-term conservation plan
  7. Solution Point 7
    Cost reduction by using subsidies
  8. Solution Point 8
    Ensuring safety and security

One-stop solution to our customer's needs

  • Improvement of user satisfaction
  • Improvement of user satisfaction
  • Improvement of facility value
  • Improvement of facility operation
  • Improvement of facility safety
  • Cost reduction

Differences from traditional facility management

Provision of information / Comparative analysis / Value creation and other outputs

GLOBESHIP provides customer-oriented support aimed at effectively using management resources for the future.

That is GLOBESHIP as your strategic facility management partner SFM® Strategic Facility Management

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