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Q. What is a "strategic facility management partner"?
According to the customer's needs, GLOBESHIP conducts meticulous analysis and offers an efficient total facility management menu that matches the enterprise, facility type, and purpose. We will further expand the scope of our service provision and deliver strategic solutions that include outsourcing of general affairs operations in addition to traditional facility management, in order to comprehensively assist our customers' business success.

Strategic Facility Management Partner, SFM®
"SFM" stands for strategic facility management and means GLOBESHIP's original all-inclusive facility management business. SFM® is a trademark of GLOBESHIP.
Q. What is the difference between facility management and SFM?
Facility management is a comprehensive management activity that involves planning, management, and utilization of a facility and its surroundings for corporate or organizational activities. Specifically, this management activity keeps a facility (land, building, construction, equipment, etc.) in its best condition in terms of management (minimized cost and maximized effect), and leases, uses, operates, and maintains it. In addition to offices, facility management also targets government buildings, medical institutions, production and logistics sites, laboratories, educational and cultural centers, commercial complexes, lodging facilities, information management facilities, transportation, infrastructure, and any other facility and its surroundings.
SFM expands that scope, and involves a business activity where we propose a creation of comfortable environment and improvements in customer benefits.
Q. What is an integrated facility management (IFM)?
Integrated facility management is a comprehensive management support service that offers not only management and operation of building facilities, but also consulting and outsourcing of a wide range of operations, including general affairs, accounting, personnel management, and other administrative affairs, based on the foundation of traditional facility management.
Q. Where can I contact to receive specific consultation?
If you already have a business relationship with GLOBESHIP, please consult your GLOBESHIP representative.
If this is your first time, please contact us by phone, e-mail, or by using the inquiry form.
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